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[Just as a by the way, I was going to call this post ‘snowballing’ but on checking the spelling I discovered that while I think of snowballing as meaning either throwing snow around or corporate speak for increasing speed and mass there’s a section of the interwebs that think of it very differently! Who knew? I’m still stunned!]

Anyway, moving swiftly on – I had an email from Claire this week. Remember her Wikipedia editathon? Following on from her involvement with the TrowelBlazers editathon to tackle the absence of entries about women archaeologists on Wikipedia, Claire highlighted on her blog how there was the same masculist problem for women classicists and she decided to hold her own editathon. The session was hugely productive with editing of the Wiki entries for Eugénie Sellers Strong, Anna Maria van Schurman, Gisela Richter, Betty Radice, Virginia Grace and

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One Response to Gathering Momentum

  1. Claire_M says:

    Really nice to have this write up by HARN, who helped me plenty with the editathon – thank you!

    Also really appreciate that I’ve been quoted accurately and in context by a journalist. Tiny academic nitpick that I’d probably clarify is it’s only a tiny part of my academic field that I try to look after the pages for (many real academics, rather than PhD candidates like myself, also contribute to the myriad of classics pages that are on it), and as I think Jenny Kleeman makes clear enough, it’s the pages that we set up in the editathon that I watch that have not received further edits that I’ve wanted to make changes to/revert.

    There is plenty of work to be done on classics-related pages, I’m just far from expert enough on all the topics covered and there’s such a lot to do…

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