Euphemistically speaking

There’s an interesting little book called Gobbledigook* which bemoans the corporate jargon that has invaded public language like a platoon of tanks and is encroaching on language at large. It argues that jargon itself is meaningless, and worse, grinds into the mud any attempt at nuance, straightforwardness or humanity.

I’m not so sure though, that the words that bludgeon their way in are so meaningless. Words such as ‘flexibility’ tend to betray themselves as the euphemisms they are.

‘Flexibility’, for example, finds its way into contexts such as workforces, and hints strongly at its close cousin, genuflect. We know what they’re trying to hide by the way they try to hide it.

Once the words are jumbled together though, they crush all attempts at understanding – or articulating a response.

I’ve more to read and think about so will post more later.

*Hat tip: my mum. Great Christmas present, thank you.

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