Round like a reader and a writer, like a writer that should read

That past fortnight I’ve been busy writing my novel and very remiss with this blog. In the time that work doesn’t gobble up, I am trying to squeeze in more reading as I think that it does improve my writing.

I also find that, when I write more, I notice more whilst I’m reading about what authors are doing in their writing.  As an example, and going back to Gertrude Stein’s comma comment, I was reading a bit of Andre Norton* and thinking about why she hadn’t put parenthetical commas in one of her characters speech (answer= it creates more pace and a sense of an active kind of character). So it looks like it may be a virtuous circle, and I should try to keep a balance of reading and writing.

I also bought a book of grammar today which looks relatively comprehensible (Fergusson R. and Manson M.,The Complete Guide to Grammar, Arcturus, London, 2010.), something I’ve been looking for for a while now. Good grammar books seem to be hard to find: they are either monkey see monkey do basics for rote learning by non-native speakers, or hard to read books with explanations in technical language that send you round from definition to definition. So I am hopeful about this book, even if it’s covering ground that I should have had well pegged down during my formal education.

Hat tip: Baen books, thank you for the free e-book.

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