Words are all we have

I’ve loved words ever since I could speak them, love the way that they sound, how they roll around in your mouth and carry ideas, thoughts, emotions that can connect people even in their absence. If you ask me why I care about words, this is probably what I would say.

Dragged through the fashions of an 80s state school education where grammar was not taught and (quiet, feminine) self-expression was all, structure and form were ignored, I find these are the subjects I come to later in life as I see how inherent to writing and communication that they are. Structure, and its servant, grammar, are the very tools and support of writing, the how of what you are trying to say, not a sort of limitation upon it. I wish that I’d understood this earlier.

I can’t match the elegaic quality of Tony Judt’s words in his essay. I do think though that what he articulates is something very important.

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